Apartment complex Valença

Since august of 2018 Slooter Vastgoed is the proud owner of the beautiful new apartment complex in Valença.

Valença is a city in the Portuguese district of Viana do Castelo. Valença is known for her historical fort, which is  a double walled fort with a view over the river De Minho and the Spanish place Tui. The fort is a combination of gothic and baroque military architecture. The first walls of the fort were built in the 13th century. Inside the fort is a Roman landmark that dates from the 1st century after Christ. This landmark marks the 42th Roman mile distance between the road from Braga to Tui.

The old international bridge, which can be seen from the fort, is originated from an agreement between Spain and Portugal to build a bi-functional bridge, was built in 1879. Although a newer bridge has been built, the old bridge is still being used to this day.

Valença is a much loved place for people who are looking for a day away, the old part of the city contains a lot of tourist shops where you can still find handcrafts.

The apartment complex is located just outside of the centrum of Valença. This offers you a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, but you can find the centrum and the energy of the city in walking distance from the complex. This offers you an easy way to explore the excitement of the city whilst still giving you the calmness of the suburbs when coming home after a long day.

Behind the complex is a beautiful playground where your children can entertain themselves with a wide range of different devices. The playground is exclusively available to the owners of the apartments and can be closed off. There are a lot of different devices such as a swing, a seesaw and a large football square.

The apartment complex is built in a Spanish style which makes it a very beautiful complex to see. The used materials and eye for detail during the designing and building of the complex give it a luxurious appearance.

The complex contains 12 luxury apartments:

– 4x 1 bedroom (T1)

– 4x 2 bedroom (T2)

– 4x 3 bedroom including 2 bathrooms (T3)

For more information of specifications of the different apartments have a look at the following placements.