Apartment complex Valença: T1

Our new T1 apartments are very suitable for a young couple or singles looking for their first place to live. The T1 apartments have 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. These apartments also include a separate washroom including a wash machine. When entering the apartment you will see the kitchen, which is provided with a fridge, extractor hood, oven, stove and a dishwasher. The apartments are also provided with central heating (canalized gas). The kitchen overflows smoothly into the living room witch gives the apartment an very open appearance.

The T1 apartments have a bathroom which includes a bathtub with shower possibility in the bath.

The apartments are provided with a video system at the main entrance. It also contains an elevator and all apartments come with their own parking space and storage room in the parking lot.

The entire complex is provided with shutters and tilting windows. All apartments also come with fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms.

The T1 apartment on the  3rd floor have an exclusive extra room on the 4th floor. This room would be very suitable for an extra TV-room or a gaming-room.

For more information and other specifications have a look at the website of BAMBU (  with the following reference numbers:

B2262 / B2265 / B2271 / B2268